Safety and Productivity


 It is a statistical fact that Union Construction Workers have 80% fewer accidents than the rest of the Industry.  There is a simple reason for this fact. The Union workforce is better trained, higher skilled, trained by a joint committee of Labor/Management and our contractors are held to a higher standard so they maintain safety policies that are second to none. A safer workforce affords you the moral and ethical rewards of knowing your crew is going home to their families every night and has bonus rewards for your bottom line such as lower worker compensation rates. Click the photo to learn more about our standards for saftey.


 Union Construction workers have been found to be 17% more productive. The union workers spend more time in school, more on-the-job training and the programs are designed and implemented by a cooperative committee of Labor and Management. Our workforce knows that if they do not live up to the needs of the project, like any other project they risk being replaced. Fortunately, every member has available to them training in every facet of our industry so they can be equally trained and skilled as every other member. Click on the photo to hear about our Standard for Excellence.


 Jobs are lost and companies destroyed by the lack of proper supervision.  In the Ohio Pipe Trades we have programs to train our team to be effective Supervisors and Foreman.  This training is also implemented by both Labor and Management so the mutually beneficial gains will be fully realized.

Flexible Work Force


Safety and Productivity  

Benefits and Payroll  

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