Portsmouth Weld School

The United Association (UA) Pipe Welder Training Program, located at our Portsmouth Training Center in Portsmouth, Ohio, offers free accelerated pipe welding and specialty pipe welding certification courses for welders in the piping industry.
This program presents an opportunity to learn and practice new processes that lead to the highest-level certifications that will open doors and create a pathway to unlimited career opportunities. You’ll be working with some of the most respected tradespeople in the field and learning skills that will help you reach your goals.
Your skills only better
  • Program is FREE for qualified applicants
  • Enhance your pipe welding techniques and capabilities
  • Become certified at the highest level
  • Immediate employment opportunities upon successful completion
  • Membership in the United Association- A union known for Pride, Inegrity and Craftsmanship
Careers with the UA
  • Earn top wages, family health benefits and retirement sercurity for your future
  • Learn from industry professionals in state-of-the-art facilities
  • Provide for your family today and tomorrow with solid employment opportunities
  • Connect with inudstry leading UA contractors looking for skilled professional tradespeople
  • Acquire the skills that put you in high demand for jobs across North America
Get Started Now

The UA Pipe Welder Training Program requires proficiency for established skill benchmarks. Therefore, applicants will need to complete an initial evaluation at a local UA training center close to their home to determine capabilities.

Typical training period lasts from six to eight weeks for successful completion of the program depending on the skillset of the student. Applicants are required for travel and living expense while attending the program.

Our facility has a practical area of over 2,700 square feet, with 21 weld booths. We are setup to train and offer certifications in TIG, stick welding and RMD. Our courses included joint prep; shielded metal arc (SWAW); and gas tungsten arc (GTAW). All offered in in both stainless and carbon. Wire feeder training on both stationary and portable units for Miller RMD process, with an emphaisis on carbon, stainless steel and chrome steel pipe applications.
Personalized instruction from our certified welding instructors. More than 150 welders have exited the program achieving over 400 certifications and have been entered into UA local unions across the country.

To take part in the welder training program contact:

Portsmouth Weld School – 1236 Gallia St. Portsmouth, OH 45662

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