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For 125 years, the Ohio Pipe Trades Association & the UA has provided a safe and productive workforce unmatched anywhere else in the industry. Project owners from small firms to Fortune 500 companies utilize our highly skilled workforce for construction, maintenance and installation services.

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Q: How much does it cost my company to join the union?
A: There is no cost to join the Union for the Employer, only the member pays union dues.  You will only have to maintain payroll and benefit bonds for the security of all

Q: If I hire someone and for whatever reason I am un-satisfied, do I have to keep them employed?
A: If in fact you hire someone and find that they are not a good fit for your shop, you simply send them back to the Union Hall and we will replace them immediately.  This is unusual to happen so if in fact you did not wish to maintain a certain employee; we would only ask you what the issues are so we can make sure whatever perceived shortcoming is immediately and effectively addressed for the benefit of the member and future employment.

Q: Will the Union try to run my business?
A: Absolutely not, the Local Union will provide manpower and manage benefits.  Your business is your business, and we want nothing more than for you to be completely successful.  As a Union Contractor or a Union Member you will sign onto a Collective Bargaining agreement that was mutually negotiated between representatives of management and Labor of which you can be a part of.   Most importantly is that the Union actually will offer help if you need it. Perhaps you are bidding a job in a different State, you need an unusual skill set for an employee, you have business issues needing resolve or any other “out of the normal” situation, we are here to help.  Ultimately the more successful our contractors are, the more successful our team is, and it is really that simple. 


 If you are a stable contractor looking to hire the best, we are the answer.  We will work hand in hand with you to make sure you are as successful as you can be.   If you are new into the Union type work environment the Local Union can help you out with temporary “special rates” that let you maintain your current projects as you look into much more profitable projects in the near future. For futher information contact Kelly Lipinski at (937) 609-7601 or you can e-mail him at