Benefits and Payroll


The Ohio Pipe Trades maintains a Health Insurance Department and a Pension Department.  Rather than every contractor trying to research, set up and maintain separate policies, a committee of Labor and Management mutually manage the programs for all the men and women in the Union.  This can be a huge cost savings for you and offer the convenience of making payments to one office. The joint management lends the security of knowing there is a complete team managing the funds to make sure they are working to the absolute best they can for the betterment of all. There are also many Prevailing Wage advantages by having the Local Union manage the benefits.


 In the Ohio Pipe Trades as in most Unions, certain pay standards are established.  You as the contractor will be given a schedule of rates for apprentices through General Foreman.   Rates are negotiated on a per contract basis and you of course can have your say on rates.  This relieves you of the burden to negotiate different rates for every individual employee.  The contract that is negotiated will outline the value of the raises. The contract is a minimum and you as the contractor could always go above and beyond if you chose.  In the Ohio Pipe Trades our workforce is trained in all aspects of the trade, we are all urged to maintain our education and licenses in order to be employed.  

Flexible Work Force


Safety and Productivity  

Benefits and Payroll  

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