Flexible Work Force

  As a Union Contractor you will have a well-trained and productive workforce at your disposal.  The Ohio Pipe Trades Association has approximately 13,200 men and women in good standing with more being trained daily.  Across the country the United Association has approximately 349,000 members ready to work in every state.  Access to this workforce gives you the ability to maintain a 2 person shop or a 200 person shop on a moment’s notice.  The Ohio Pipe Trades assures the contractor receives a drug free, highly skilled, safe working, fully licensed and qualified Piping Professional.  You can hire this employee for one week or a lifetime; depending on the needs of the project. Think of how handy this can be if you win a bid on a 3 month project that requires 50 skilled craftsman. No interviews, no risks, no down time, just truck after truck of qualified professionals with one single phone call.

Flexible Work Force


Safety and Productivity  

Benefits and Payroll  

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